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Gynecology and pregnancy courses
Milne Institute

This course is given by Joëlle Voruz to students of Milne Institute.

Prerequisites: Successful completion of Milne Institute classes C1 and C2.

This is a complete and intensive cursus dedicated to women’s health that will give you theoretical and practical tools to increase your knowledge and treatment efficiency.

Course 1 is to be taken first, after which you can take either course 2, course 3 or both.

Course 1: The basics in gynecology and pregnancy (4 days)

This first course provides all the theoretical and practical tools to be comfortable with the treatment of women’s issues.

We will undertake a complete journey to integrate the anatomy, palpation, and essence of the pelvic organs as well as the physiology of menstrual cycles, fertility, pregnancy, and birth.

At the end of the course, you may be able to help women with, for example:

- dysmenorrhea (pain during menstruation)

- premenstrual syndrome

- pelvic pain (coccyx, pubis, pelvic floor)

- common surgeries (caesarean section, hysterectomy…)

- mild pregnancy problems

- bladder dysfunction (pain, recurrent cystitis, incontinence)

Course 2: Advanced gynecology (4 days)

Please take course 1 (basics in gynecology and pregnancy) before entering this class.

This intensive course will allow you to deepen your understanding of the female body as we will learn advanced techniques on the pelvic organs. This includes hormonal regulation, the vascular system, and the autonomic nervous system.

As you increase your knowledges and technical skills you may be able to help clients with

- infertility and miscarriage

- cycle disorders

- polycystic ovary syndrome

- fibroids

- ovarian cysts

- gynecological or breast cancer

- endometriosis

- sexual difficulties and pain

- mild prolapse

- menopause disorders

- incontinence

- interventions such as hysterectomy, mastectomy, termination of pregnancy, caesarean section, ovarian surgery

Course 3: Advanced pregnancy (4 days)

Please take course 1 (basics in gynecology and pregnancy) before entering this advanced class.

Welcome aboard the womb for a comprehensive journey through fertility, pregnancy, birth, and post-partum processes.

We will learn how the body changes and adapts through the three trimesters and how to create a safe and comfortable place inside for mother and baby.

We will then go through a full understanding of the birthing and breastfeeding processes to get guidelines and tactile skills to :

- preparing a pregnancy (after surgery, traumatic birth, miscarriage…)

- helping in case of subfertility and during medically assisted procreation

- preventing and healing miscarriage

- dealing with common pregnancy issues

- helping for sciatica and other pelvic pains

- promoting a physiological birth

- recovering after birth and perineal injuries

- treating breastfeeding issues

Courses will be given in English (Graz) or French (Switzerland) with German translation.

The techniques taught during the three classes are only external and not endovaginal.

Open to both women and men.

Emphasis will be placed throughout the course on softness of touch, quality of presence, listening and respect for the client and her tissues.

Gynecology pregnancy cursus: Notre clinique

Next dates

In Blonay, Switzerland:

Course 1: 15-18.08.2024

Course 2: 24-27.10.2024

Course 3: 31.10 - 3.11.2024

Language: French with German translation

Cost: 580 euros each class


In Graz, Austria:

Course 1: 30.10 - 2.11.2025

Course 2: 22-25.1.2026

Course 3: 9-12.7.2026

Language: English with German translation. 

Cost: 660 euros each class


Gynecology pregnancy cursus: Notre clinique
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About the teacher:

Joëlle graduated from the Swiss School of Osteopathy in 2005. She has worked in her practice full-time ever since, developing over the years a growing interest and passion for gynecology and pregnancy.

However, she felt she lacked depth in her practice and joined the Milne Institute course in 2012, graduating in 2015.

This very significant journey made her aware of the beauty of craniosacral therapy, which she immediately integrated into her daily practice and thus discovered a new level of treatment period. Depth and gentleness emerged particularly with her clients who are often mothers and babies, and women coming to seek help for the subtle gynecological sphere.

She then graduated from the Molinari Institute for Health in London, with the complete Women’s Health Course, which is a full course in gynecological osteopathy.

Beside her own practice near Montreux (Switzerland), she also works in a midwifery center, with gynecologists and in birth centers in order to offer her work in a multidisciplinary mode.

She teaches the “GYNECOLOGY AND PREGNANCY” course at the Milne Institute and loves sharing her passion with others.

Gynecology pregnancy cursus: Notre clinique
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